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First international Workshop on Leishmaniasis reservoir in Algeria 22 – sept 2018

Place of the event: IPA Algiers and IPA annexe M’sila

From 09/22/2018 to 09/25/2018 10 days (4 days at Algiers: theoretical part, and 6 days at Msila: Field Part)

As part of the training activities related to the LeiSHield-MATI project (European Community action H2020), the laboratory of parasitic Eco-epidemiology and Population Genetics organized from September 22nd to September 25th, 2018, four days of International Workshop on leishmaniasis Reservoirs in Algeria at Sidi Fredj Annex of the Pasteur Institute of Algeria.

During this workshop, we received colleagues (05) and PhD students (01) from the Pasteur Institute of Tunis who came in the framework of the secondments funded by the LeiSHieldMati project, as well as experts on the reservoirs and vectors of leishmaniasis. From Charles University (CUNI) of the Czech Republic (02 researchers and a doctoral student).

It is also noted that the principal coordinator of the project LeiSHield-MATI Dr. Gerald Spaeth of the Pasteur Institute of Paris, also participated in this workshop as auditors as well as Mrs. Pascale Pescher, also of the Pasteur Institute of Paris.

During this workshop, national and international experts on leishmaniasis reservoirs gave lectures in the morning and practical workshops in the afternoon. The audience consisted of doctoral students, researchers from the IPA and external to the IPA.

Conferences in English and French followed each other with very informative debates for all participants.

A field practical part was done at Msila (endemic area of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Algeria), from 26th September to 2nd October.

Programme Atelier Reservoir Partie Msila
Download PDF • 574KB


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