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Negar Seyed (Experienced researcher), Institut Pasteur d’Iran (IPI)

During my stay in Paris, I had the chance to contribute to a pilot study about the effect of killed Leishmania stimulation of whole blood cells from healthy French donors. I had the chance to work with Leishmania experts in the Molecular Parasitology and Signaling Unit headed by Dr. Gerald Spaeth. I also got introduced to a new method capable of analyzing high numbers of analytes in a short period of time that is to say “Multiplex ELISA.

During the last 5 weeks of my secondment, I also participated in the “Advanced Immunology” course at IPP, managed by the Immunology department and Milieu Interieur project, which included both laboratory practice and lectures. The course was awesome in respect to introducing cutting-edge technologies and data analysis pipelines available at the "Center for Translational Science" of the Pasteur Institute. The lectures very much updated my immunological understanding. I am so much pleased to be part of a wider research group and strongly believe that the skills learned in such a collaborative international project will not only improve my career but also our understanding about Leishmania.


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