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Nalia Mekarnia (Experienced researcher), Institut Pasteur d’Algérie (IPA)

As a PhD candidate in constant mobility, it was my first time in Czech Republic. I appreciated all the time spent in Charles University at the laboratory of Vector Biology. I thank Pr Petr VOLF and all his team for welcoming me during a month of secondment. Special thanks to Dr Jovana SADLOVA, Ms Barbora VOJTKOVÁ and Mr Tomáš BEČVÁŘ for their kindness, availability and helpful advices. Working and having fun was the perfect cocktail for a successful collaboration!

The aim objective of this secondment was to learn how to manage experimental infections of Phlebotomus papatasi, the competent vector of Leishmania major MON-25 parasite, responsible agent of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in Algeria.

I learned how to manage a rearing of sandflies, how to infect them with L. major strains, and got the ability to dissect the fed female after blood meal to recover the parasites.

It was a real pleasure to be a part of the "Vector Team"and the LeiSHield-MATI network.


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