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Kamel Benallal (Experienced researcher), Institut Pasteur d’Algérie (IPA)

As a medical entomologist in Institut Pateur of Algeria since 2006, I strated by studing ticks and their role in the transmission of Borrelia burgdorferi sl in Algeria, than I switched to working on mosquitoes and sand flies on which I published some papers. For LeishMati Rise project, I am as task leader on the detection of dsRNA virus in different strains of Leishmania part.

For my first secondment in Czech Republic at Pr Petr Volf’s laboratory, it was a very nice experience which allowed me to learn lot of things with his team especially with Pr Petr Volf, Dr Jovana Sadlova, Dr Vít Dvořák, Barbora Vojtková and Tomáš Bečvá during the different discussions on how could the two laborotories sustain their collaboration during and after the project.

It is my first time in Prague, I really loved and enjoyed the time spent in this nice town known for its famous sweet cakes Trdelnik.

I’ld like to thank all the persons working in this laboratory for their hospitality, and thanks for each person who worked and accepted to share with me its knowledge and experience without expecting a return.


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