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Member(S) Of Institut Pasteur Du Maroc


Mouad Ait Kbaich

Early Stage Researcher

Holder of a bachelor in life sciences, option health and environment in 2012 and a Master’s degree in Physiology, Cellular and Molecular Biology in 2014 at Faculty of Science Ain Chock, University of Hassan II in Casablanca. Presently a PhD student involved in two papers published in indexed journals. Attended multiple workshops and course on bioinformatics and biostatistics, such as: The second BioMinning Workshop, NCBI Molecular Biology Resources & Tools IV. And PH525.1x; Data Analysis for Life Sciences 1; Statistics and R. A course of study offered by Harvard.

Rajaâ EJGHAL.jpeg

Rajaâ Ejghal

Early Stage Researcher

Holder of a PhD in Genetics, Molecular Biology, her thesis was on genetic susceptibility to visceral leishmaniasis due to Leishmania infantum at the laboratory of leishmaniasis, Institut Pasteur of Morocco. At present, she has reintegrated the same laboratory as a research associate, within the framework of the Leisheild-MATI project. She is author/co-author of seven papers published in indexed journals.

Hasna TALIMI.jpeg

Hasnaa Talimi

Early Stage Researcher

I have a baccalaureate diploma in Mathematical Sciences type A. Also, I have a fundamental bachelor in Mathematics and Computer Science and currently, I am in the second year of a Master of Research degree in BioInformatics and Data Sciences. For my thesis, I am working on the following project: "The Development of an analytical method to allow the comparative study of strains of the eukaryotic pathogen Leishmania". My technical skills related to Computer science are: C, C++, Perl, JAVA, Python, R, Shell, SQL, Web (HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Spark, Odoo...), BDD (Oracle, MySQL). And I have the following set of skills in Bioinformatics: Preparation and analysis of biological data (Trimmomatic, Fastqc, samtools, picard, GATK, SnpEFF), Analysis variants (SNPs / InDels) and syntactic annotation.


Othmane Daoui

Early Stage Researcher

First year PhD student in the Laboratory of Parasitology and Vector-Borne-Diseases, Institut Pasteur of Morocco, holder of a Bachelor degree in bio analysis and quality in the Sciences and technologies Faculty, Mohammedia, Morocco and a master's degree in Biology and Health in the Sciences Faculty Ain chock, Casablanca, Morocco.

Attended a course of Bioinformatics: H3ABioN and Introduction to Bioinformatics Course in 2017.


Sofia El Kacem

Early Stage Researcher

PhD student in Biology and Health at Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik, Morocco, Holder of an International Master Degree in Human Pathology (2013/2015), in Health Sciences, issued by Faculty of Sciences Ben M’Sik, Morocco and Medical School in Marseille France.

My PhD thesis is about Phleboviruses and Leishmania transmitted by sandflies in Morocco, at Institut Pasteur of Morocco.

I have attended courses on Linux organized in Institut Pasteur of Morocco; Workshop on Bioinformatics and Medical Information "NCBI Molecular Biology Resources and Tools and The H3ABioNet: Introduction to Bioinformatics" course.


Meryem Lemrani

Experienced Researcher

Dr. Meryem Lemrani, PhD in Parasitology, heads the Division of Research on Communicable Diseases (RCD). She has a long experience in leishmaniasis area, particularly genetic polymorphism of Leishmania spp, genetic susceptibility to leishmaniasis and field studies. She has being collaborating with several international institutions and coordinated many projects.


Idris Mhaidi

Early Stage Researcher

Holder of a Bachelor in science of life, option: Basic and applied biology in 2012 and Master in Physiology, Cellular and Molecular Biology at a Faculty of Science Ain Chock, University of Hassan II, Casablanca. Been part of two papers published in indexed journals (2017 and recently in 2018). Followed multiple workshops and course on bioinformatics such as: (i) NCBI Molecular Biology Resources & Tools IV, (ii) Initiation to molecular phylogeny for the epidemiological follow-up of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, (iii) initiation of Linux, (iv) Bioinformatics Medical Information Training Workshop “NCBI Molecular Biology Resources Tools.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°778298.

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